2018 Yamaha VF150 VMAX SHO X-Shaft - 25 in. Shaft

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VF150 VMAX SHO X-Shaft - 25 in. Shaft



The Yamaha V MAX SHO. Quicker, stronger, smarter and lighter - outperforming two strokes on hole shot, displacement, fuel economy and weight. The addition of a five-inch longer shaft means multi-species boaters can now enjoy the benefits that have made the V MAX SHO famous. These models are also perfect for a variety of other applications that require a 25-inch shaft length.

Unbeatable Reliability: The V MAX SHO® VF 150’s Cowling Drain System and Air Intake Labyrinth System trap and drain water that enters the cowling during normal operation.

Quiet Power and Performance: The four-stroke, four-valve-per-cylinder V MAX SHO® 150 is able to maximize combustion efficiency in a way that no two stroke can, delivering clean, quite power and performance.

Tournament Toughness: The four-stroke V MAX SHO® VF 150 has a gearcase featuring specially hardened pinion, forward and reverse gears for increased reliability.

  • Great Hole Shot, Acceleration and Top Speed: The new V MAX SHO® 150 uses Yamaha's Variable Camshaft Timing System (VCT) for hole shot and acceleration that is noticeably quicker than that of the F150 and equal to that of the two-stroke VZ 150 HPDI.
  • Smooth: The 2.8-liter, four-cylinder powerhead employs double-overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and counterbalance shafts for extra smooth performance.
  • Fuel Efficient: The four-stroke V MAX SHO® 150 offers fuel consumption that is 30 to 40 percent better than that of traditional carbureted two strokes.
  • Extra Space: Because it's a four-stroke, there's no need for an external oil tank with the V MAX SHO® 150. That's a savings of approximately 23 pounds - that means less weight and more storage room in the boat for tackle and other items.
  • Easy Rigging: The new four-stroke V MAX SHO® 150 has mechanical control for easy, convenient rigging with most bass, bay and flats boats; with a choice of analog, 6Y5 digital or Command Link® gauges.
  • Propping flexibility: Uses Yamaha's new V MAX SHO® Series of propellers, which now offer single-inch pitches for more "dialed in" performance. new 22-inch and 23-inch pitches available soon.
  • Better charging: A powerful 50-amp alternator offers 11 percent more power than that of the VZ150 HPDI.
  • Powerful Good Looks: The V MAX SHO® looks every bit the part of V MAX,® with a special paint scheme and exhaust that sets it apart from lesser outboards.
  • Reliability: Based on proven Yamaha four-stroke, marine-specific architecture and years of solid performance.
  • Weight: At 480 pounds, the four-stroke V MAX SHO®150 weighs just 12 pounds more than Yamaha's two-stroke VZ150. That, alone, is amazing. Once you consider the weight of the oil tank, the V MAX SHO®150 weighs about the same on the boat as the VZ150. What's more, not having an oil tank frees up space in the boat.
  • Yamaha's Variable Camshaft Timing: System advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft to dramatically increase power and throttle response in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. This feature helps the four-stroke V MAX SHO® 150 generate the kind of performance that you expect from traditional two-stroke outboards.
  • Engine Type: In-Line Four-Cylinder
  • Displacement: 2785cc (163.0 ci)
  • Bore & Stroke: 96 x 96.2 mm (3.78 x 3.79 in.)
  • RPM Range: 5,000-6,000
  • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
  • Induction System: EFI (DOHC) with variable camshaft timing (VCT)
  • Alternator Output: 50 Amps
  • Fuel Delivery: Multi-point electronic fuel injection
  • Starting: Electric w/PTT
  • Ignition: TCI Microcomputer
  • Lubrication: Wet sump
  • Degree of Trim/Tilt: -4 deg. through +16 deg.
  • Exhaust: Through Propeller
  • Cooling: Thermostatic Control
  • Gear Shift: F/N/R
  • Gear Ratio: 28/14 (2.0:1)
Fuel & Lubrication
  • Recommended Fuel: Midgrade Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 89)
  • Recommended Oil: Yamalube 4-M
  • Oil Capacity: 4.5L/4.3L w/without filter
  • Shaft Length: 25 in.
  • Dry Weight: 222 kg (489 lb.)
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Engine Type
In-Line Four-Cylinder
Bore x Stroke
96 x 96.2mm (3.78 x 3.79 in.)
2785 cc (163.0 ci)
Electric w/PTT


Shaft Length
25 in.
222 kg (489 lb.)


Full Throttle Operating Range
5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Gear Ratio / Shift
28/14 (2.0:1) / F/N/R
Fuel Induction
EFI (DOHC) with variable camshaft timing (VCT)
50 Amps
Thermostatic Control


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